Norms and certificates
Max Blank products
Guarantee SAFETY!

Safety in the Max Blank stove and fireplace has a very big meaning. It is important for us as it assures you comfort and, in case of an uncontrolled reaction of fire to outside factors, also your private safety!

In Max Blank High Quality manufacture all products such as stoves or built-in fireplaces are tested by a control institute according to norms in force DIN EN 13240 i DIN EN 13229.

The data regarding heating efficiency, fire subsistence time and heat emission were empirically tested in house. They are not referring to a specific appliance and are not a part of the offer but serve solely for comparative purposes off different Max Blank heating appliances. All data depend not only on the efficient use of fuel by the appliance but are also influenced by various factors such as equipment, fuel quality, type of smoke outlet, chimney draught, atmospheric conditions or service.

 Additionally stoves with pellet accessories from Max Blank High Quality are also officially tested according to norms DIN EN 13240 i DIN EN 13229 and are approved by the German Building Technology Institute (DIBt).



Within own serial production Max Blank products are being annually controlled by TÜV SÜD.

If it comes to older types of Max Blank heating appliances not found in the catalogue, >>here<< you can find further information on their legally approved status.

This will give you the information, basing on official documents, which Max Blank models that cannot be found in the catalogue still assure you compatibility with the norms.
Moreover, below, you can find in which cities they meet the emission norms according to the fuel regulation (BStV):
BStV München / BStV Stuttgart / BStV Regensburg i BStV Aachen as well as BStV Düsseldorf.

All that offers you the security from not fully thought over, innovative solutions and guarantees, basing on continuous long tests, completely by the way, a big durability. It is therefore worth to purchase a brand product in order to appreciate the important and long-term advantages of using a fireplace.

 The proofs for the above you will find on the next page with the certificate listing.