We could philosophise here.

Let us, however, meet your requirements and put it concisely.

Max Blank advantages:

  • 10 year guarantee for steel elements of the combustion chamber.
  • Efficient, even 4-time use of heat!
  • Environment friendly, in some regions and models: up to 50 % below the values of the official norms!
  • Tested for longevity for over 25 years!!
  • Over 300 variations of stoves and interesting in formation on www.maxblank.com
  • 99% of all steel parts is produced in our manufacture. That gives a guarantee of the best quality, product safety and service.
  • Using exclusive steel of highest quality ThyssenKrupp..
  • Impressive and durable door hinge! Always cool knob!
  • Massive stove construction guaranties long functioning!
  • Attractive price to service ratio which offers you more than you can expect.
  • Max Blank High Quality stoves and fireplaces cannot be compared and therefore they are difficult to describe with words.

*On a stove at min. 15 °C ambient temperatre.

** with 1-2 wood loads according to producers recommendations, at optimal chimney draught and optimal use as well as wood humidity being at max 15%.

Combi stove advantages

Combi stove advantages:

Without electricity
Without the hum of a fan
Without electric smog
Emptying the ash tray only 1-2 per heating season*

Offers you:

Double independence
2 types of fire
2 colours of fire: ochre/blue
Similar to wood fire
PELLET-burning up to 99,7% at 0,5-0,3% of ash

*depending on the model

Time of switching from pellet to wood 1-5 minutes
Up to 18h of heat emission with only one pellet load
Completely free choice between fire from pellets to wood and the other way round.

All models easily operated by means of 1 handle!

10 year warranty for steel elements composing the combustion chamber


We grant you the hereby warranty for Max Blank stoves under the following conditions:

  1. 10 year Max Blank Producer's warranty applies to all steel elements composing the combustion chamber.
  2. The warranty covers free exchange of steel elements recognized as faulty in case they disturb proper functioning of the stove.
  3. The warranty period is limited to 10 years. It begins in the moment of the product's departure from factory and requires purchase invoice as well as a warranty card signed by a Max Blank Dealer in order to be valid. The warranty expires in case of the product handover or at its purchase via Internet as well as it is not transferred at second-hand purchase.
  4. In order to keep producer's warranty the stove ought to be installed by a professional installer according to the instructions enclosed in technical manuals and id has to be used according to producer's recommendations.
  5. The warranty does not cover regular wear and damages caused by overcharging or improper usage.
  6. The warranty does not include benefits related to the assembly, dismantling or installation of components or parts described in section b).
  7. The warranty does not also include the sounds caused by natural heat expansion of metal, as well as elements not mentioned in part a), such as pellet cassettes, fireclay, glass, gaskets, real wear parts, covering elements as well as painted surfaces.
  8. The warranty does not recognise other rights, such as discount, return or damages.
  9. The warranty expires after the period of 10 years regardless of the fact if it was benefited from or not. The exchange of a part or element does not entitle to prolonging the warranty period.
  10. All rights, including those mentioned in your contract with Max Blank Dealer remain unchanged.
  11. During the warranty period your Dealer is responsible for all services.
  12. In remaining cases German courts shall have jurisdiction.

The warranty card is not valid until completely filled in, together with stove and pellet cassette acceptance checklist.

We wish you a pleasant and worm atmosphere with Max Blank stoves. Combustion technology designed by Max Blank keeps emissions on ecological level and remains in harmony with the natural environment.