Pleasant warmness: Radiant heat

Many of our system fireplaces and stoves can the "good" Radiant heat.

Well-tempered. Pleasant. Comfortable.


The convection heat is like a blower, e. g. a hair drier.
The swirled and rising air disperses in the room.
In contrast to radiant heat nothing is really buffering the warmness. Only the air is getting warm.
Opening the door or windows causes quick escape of the convection heat.

Important to know:

  • the air gets a bit drier
  • Irregular scattered warmness
  • Air turbulence dispreses dust


Effectiveness like sunrays. Just like the sun's radiation our exclusive heat sources hit objects and heats them completely through.
Excessive heat is released from the objects. This is precisely the "good" radiant heat which is appreciated as very pleasant, soothing and intense.


Important to know:

  • Pleasant ambient air

  • Evenly spread of warmness

  • Like sunrays on your body