Max Blank projects and products are made in the main German seat of the company in Westheim

as a part of an intensive project design process. In the next stage, together with engineers and specialists such as locksmiths and technicians, we transform the projects into High Quality as only high quality products are durable – therefore we consciously insist on the big contribution of own production. If it comes to steel production it is 99% of manufacturing that comes out of Max Blank specialists’ hands and leaves the company. Functional and inspiring pellet and wood fireplaces without electricity as well as all accessories are made during this production process.

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Durability of materials, construction and aesthetics are most important for us.


Our classics which, in the meantime, are being forged all around the world, prove the above.

We should protect our customers from the experience of getting disappointed one day after they have bought an interesting fake of our fireplace or fireplace-novelty from another manufacturer. Therefore we had over 150 patented, law-protected designs registered in the German and the European Patent Institute – they are all industrial designs protected by law.

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That makes Max Blank be one step ahead.

Always looking for optimization,

to get warm saving energy and to relax in front of a fireplace admiring playful flames.

Always a step into the future. Incessantly basing on thought-over projects and harmonious forms in attractive prices. Always offering our customers best services in appropriate price, being, at the same time, competitive but not “cheap”. We follow new paths with novelties and proven solutions and we build, also in the future, fireplaces and tile-stoves that can meet highest image and quality standards.

There is nothing more precious than quality

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The same refers to our multiple EU-certified products

which are all officially approved. Many of them shows impressive values, for example if it comes to heat efficiency which is, in most cases, greater than 87%. Also, when it comes to the innovation of our house, like for instance a pellet and wood combi fireplace without electricity, we have filed in for the verification of every novelty in the German Building Technology Institute (DIBt) and we received appropriate approval for using our products. That gives us security and trust for the future in those no less important fields.

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In this way the logo of Max Blank company depicts the “HIGH QUALITY”

Our involvement is also seen in the field of saving environment and responsible treatment of precious raw materials, be it during the production process or in case of our products. For instance, in Max Blank about 75% of required energy is generated from own photovoltaic appliances and 85% of air used during the production comes back to the system after filtration. Because keeping ecological balance and forest protection is a guarantee of a controlled production process – independently supervised, easy to analyse and durable – those features are for us as important as any others.

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