Novelties in numbers

Many of the features presented below is registered in European or German patent office, as a patent, protected design, or protected graphic trademark.

1996 // first knob that remains cool even when the door is hot.

Safety and comfort of use

1997 // the same principle of heating as in tile or basic stoves for the first time used in fireplaces

Efficiency and long-lasting heat emission.

1998 // first system of burning with wood with the function of heating, cooking and baking.

Main advantage: 5 functions!

1999 // first fireplace with water cascade

... healthy climate in the room, agreeable air..

2000 // first oval fireplace - Mega.

Following the motto: Small stove, big fire!

2007 // first wood fireplace with the efficiency of heat emission up to 18 hours.

Comfortable + cost-effective heating

2010 // first self-blocking door

Comfortable use.

2012 // relaxation with light and fire.

20 light variations and colours

2014 // first 65cm-tall flames obtained from pellet without electricity.

Animation of flames.

2014 // first pellet stove without electricity to emit heat up to 18 hours.

Fill with pellet – 18 hours of heat!

2015 // It has never been so nice and cosy before

18 hours of heat without electricity and stoking up.

2015 // personalization / individualization.

Individually for you!

2019 // Gas stove

Absolute comfortable!