• Nürnberg BF

    Nürnberg BF: where less means more. Pellet or wood fireplace that can be used for ecological cooking and baking.

    A fireplace with baking compartment that can run both on pellets and wood. Simplified on the outside, equipped with proven Max Blank technology inside. Nürnberg BF, thereby, marks out as the youngest and most economical fireplace with baking compartment..

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  • Florenz BF: One of the most important features of our projects – timelessness.

    You can choose a standard 5-colour mosaic, or one, two or perhaps three of the elegant colours. You can also choose a sturdy natural stone mosaic or, on demand, your favourite colours.

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  • Florenz BF: To go through life economizing.

    Bake bread without using additional energy. When others promise everything, we say only one thing: try for yourself.

    Delicious, crunchy and more efficient.

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  • Bramberg BF: Economizing on the use doesn’t mean economizing on heat.

    Simple and noble classic with many functions. Bramberg BF heats, accumulates heat and can bake economically. It fulfils your wishes and arouses longing.

    Natural heat accumulating stone makes it even nobler with its natural structure.

  • Toulouse BF: Finally a real innovation – wood or pellet stove without electricity!

    Catches attention. Easy in maintenance, silver-grey, hand-hewed, basalt heat accumulating stone. Instead of promising everything we only promise you happiness and satisfaction. Be it the agreeable heat or, the only in its kind, delicious baking. That is what makes us tick.

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  • Toulouse BF: beauty, sensuality, durability.

    It cannot get any better: relax by romantic flames. Cherish up to 18 hours of agreeable accumulated heat from one load of wood, from ignition till cooling down. Cooking and baking as tasty as in our grandmas’ times.

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  • Odin BF: Tradition of innovation!

    Small ecological miracle. With only one load of fuel you can cherish its heat up to 18 hours and cook and bake, without the use of additional energy, enjoying, at the same time, its diverse and playful flames. It is so fascinating.

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  • Odin BF: Mile-stone in history.

    Multi-function classic: clean, noble beauty with the function of heating, accumulating heat and ecological baking in the Odin BF stove. It fulfils your deepest longings. Natural heat accumulating stone with its natural structure makes it even nobler.

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