• Small wood and pellet stove ERFURT.

    Combi model: pellet stove without electricity in a wood stove.

    Only at your Max Blank dealer, combi stove without electricity.  »

  • Erfurt SP

  • New wood stove ORANGE XS.

    Smallest and most economical of round Max Blank stoves.

    Most beautiful and interesting wood flames in Max Blank range.

    Other interesting versions of small round classic stoves »

  • Wood stove with pellet system* without electricity !

    [Translate to Englisch:]ORANGE S stove gives you freedom and independence. Today wood,

    tomorrow pellets; flames without electricity equally high and beautiful as wood flames.

    * Additional accessory >> Viel mehr dazu im More information in “10 Advantages worth its weight in gold!”

  • Orange SP

  • Small but efficient wood and pellet stove.

    RIO S Stone – load the stove and start the fire – that is all.

    Now you can enjoy pellet flames equally beautiful and romantic as those of wood for many hours.

    >>More information about the wood stove with pellet system in this movie..

  • RIO S Steel wood and pellet stove without electricity with ceramics.

    Pleasurable warmth of the future: independence thanks to two fuel kinds without electricity.

    Wood stove: burned with wood or pellets, heats and relaxes for many hours.

    >>Wood stoves with pellet system, more information…

  • Wood and pellet combi stove:

    Exclusive wood and pellet stove RIO S Steel Stone.

    Pellet flames equally high and beautiful as those of wood.

    >>More about wood stoves with pellet system in comparative move..

  • Pellet system without electricity in a wood stove. When burned with pellets LILLE BASIC remains warm up to 6h*

    The smallest and most economical of Max Blank combi stoves.

    * When burned with pellets and depending on the proper installation, condition of flue, chimney draught and global insulation of the room.

    >> Many models of small combi stoves for wood and pellets in the catalogue.

  • Stratos M

  • Odin SP

  • Video