Company’s advantages and quality

Scheitholz - Wärme-Effizienz + Pellets ohne Strom - Weltneuheit

Max Blank fireplace manufacture specializes in development, construction and production of appliances for home use. Except for standard models there are also those known as Swedish-type stoves which often offer additional functions such as baking compartment, or those with a special heat-accumulating chamber, known as accumulating fireplaces or heat-container fireplaces.

System fireplaces offering additional accumulating function are also designed and produced here. They are very comfortable to use – they can emit pleasant heat up to 18 hours from only one load of pellet without the need to add fuel or regulate air supply.

Another speciality of the Max Blank company, except for excellent natural materials decorating tile stoves with their interesting surface and accumulating heat at the same time, is also a modern system of combi insert stoves. Those models, even though burned traditionally with wood may also burn pellet and the function is available without electricity.

Moreover, the flames obtained from pellets are as beautiful as the flames obtained from traditional wood. Thereby, all of 60 Max Blank fireplaces, especially classic Swedish-type ones, heat accumulating tile stoves, as well as stoves with baking compartment, can be burned with both pellets and traditional fireplace wood logs. That makes you independent from the type of fuel and your stoves do not contain any complicated electronics requiring maintenance and you can enjoy them for all your life.