to our Max Blank dealer family!

Max Blank manufacture brand dealer is a unique sign of quality of fireplace stoves. Wherever this sign appears you may expect quality at the highest level of innovation and symbiosis of quality and added values.


And what does it all mean,

The willingness to become a Max Blank dealer comes from an own, internal belief of every single partner. It is expressed in the fact an artisanal or commercial company displays and offers in the first place, with fascination and confidence in quality, a heating appliance and accessories but not necessarily only by Max Blank, so that the customer has a possibility to compare. However, if too many products of too many makes is presented, the chances of success decrease as accurate presentation and communicating all advantages, nuances and subtleties becomes close to impossible.


Max Blank verifies criteria

when choosing their dealers, therefore you will not find here endless amount of partner companies’ addresses. Moreover, almost every day it is confirmed that every one of our dealers is a specialist or master in the field of building fireplaces.

Max Blank High Quality constitutes, with our classic stoves and fireplace inserts, accessories and ventilation grids, a recognized artisanal brand. Therefore we sell our products only to qualified artisanal companies or classic fireplace studios.


Such partnership closes the circle

except for obvious advantages from a developing cooperation: the bigger turnover or sales of our brand’s products the more information about the product and its special advantages is collected by the Max Blank partner and in this excellent way they can demonstrate professional advice and potential service.


Additionally Max Blank partners will gain

one more profitable aspect. Because through increased sales also the partnership increases it becomes, at the same time, a preferential partnership and may offer to all interested with purchase further advantages when selling Max Blank High Quality products. Moreover, Max Blank products are equipped with futuristic, special safety fireclay, assuring complete wood combustion, similarly as it worked in open-combustion chamber fireplaces. What is also worth noticing is the absolutely unique proposal of selling fireplaces which, taking future into consideration, allow for heating by burning renewable fuel, that is wood or pellets, in the same appliance.

To our smallest, beginner Max Blank partners we can offer the opportunity of effective development into a specialized and efficient Max Blank Stove Manufacture partner.


Max Blank partnership

Max Blank partners, except for various products of high quality and many unique sales proposals, offer to their customers also an excellent service.


The best promise

to the future fireplace or tile stove owner is the fact that they decide on a quality product with added value and, above all, they will not have any problems servicing their appliance.

It is also very important that Max Blank fireplace and stove manufacture, basing on own production and spare parts supply, may realize their orders in the long-range, contrary to other brands who purchase their steel parts from other countries.


We all in Max Blank High Quality

are happy with you, when you draw a lot of satisfaction and pleasure from the blissful heat of those efficient fireplaces, long preserving the accumulated heat and burned with natural fuels such as wood or pellets without electricity, and all that in the same Max Blank fireplace or stove model. To round things off we would like you to enjoy your stove long after the purchase because that makes us and your Max Blank dealers happy!