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Tradition – Innovation

How to be more independent from fuel kind?

Our goal:
“Kindling flames in a stove up to 65cm high without electricity”,
which was slightly paradoxical.

Beautiful as fire in a classic fireplace but, at the same time, amazingly simple to use.

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Emitting heat as long as possible without electricity?

Our goal:
Exciting oasis of relaxation. Holidays in your own house. Such refreshment without the necessity of stoking up for 18 hours and more makes us feel “endlessly”.

Modern pleasure. Heating with a pellet stove, even without electricity, should be as comfortable, if not more, as in case of wood logs.

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Eat ecologically, warm up and relax?

Our goal:
Functional quality class – warm up and relax on the highest level. Cook and bake everything without electricity. It works perfectly!

Versatility with class – fireplace with additional function. Cooking and baking without using additional energy, the same as if you baked your own pizza or cake – totally ecological.
Many claim, that max Blank stove manufacture keeps their promise!

Please try one day a crispy duck or cottage bread made in a regular electric oven and one made in a Max Blank fireplace stove with baking compartment. You will surely easily see the real advantages both with your eyes and with the roof of your mouth – a difference in taste and better digestion. Simply heavenly delicious!

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Little fuel but more heat, also without electricity?

Our goal:
Functionality over looks. Highest possible level of efficiency. Very little ash and as much heat as possible!

Thought over, with clever details, almost unlimited. Depending on the model, be it for pellets or wood, up to 87% of efficiency indicator and proud 18 hours of heat accumulation. In case of pellets (without electricity) only up to 0,3% and in case of dry wood only up to 1% of fine, ecological, biodegradable ash.

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Healthy warmth from accumulated heat?

With the competence of a strong brand, maximal goal: It influences our skin just like sunshine.
And how does it work?

Attainable miracle of surrounding: inside a fireplace or fireplace stove burned with pellet without electricity or with wood, the accumulation block stocks up heat. It transfers the heat to the outer surface of the stove. There it is evenly distributed and very slowly emitted, similarly to sunshine to your skin, in order to make you happy.

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Product safety is also your safety!

Our goal:
10 year guarantee for steel elements of the combustion chamber.
Proven quality that supports long-term trust.

The fact almost nothing cannot burn through it even in 10 years we know basing also on our USA export experience and we know this far-fetched safety which, at Max Blank, more than only preventively, is spelled with a “Capital Letters”!

In case of many Max Blank fireplace and fireplace stoves further “ADVANTAGE” is offered by an appreciated with a patent, self-closing door which, by means of a special system, automatically closes the combustion chamber door. In case of other models safety is guaranteed by, proven for many years, always cool knob – see on a move!

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Individual effect of the good mood, according to your wish?

Our goal:
You decide, and if it is possible we will take into consideration “what suits you”!

We create for you an individual single copy for you, of course taking into consideration your favourite colour of the stove, favourite natural stone surface, or differently moulded stove cover, also eagerly with semi-noble stones…

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Heating and relaxation through efficient heat output?

Our goal:
Specialize in such a way to assure ourselves an advantage in the field of speciality?
Specialized in such a way to extremely increase output and drastically reduce consumption.

On the outside eloquently clear language of form, inside specialized in such a way to gain advantage.
Specialization for only renewable fuels : pellet or wood.

Max Blank High Quality was one of the first who specialized in the stove combustion technology and called on to use only renewable raw material, that is wood, in order to produce heat in a specialized and efficient manner.

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Directing attention to every living room.

10 important reasons to decide for a Max Blank stove or fireplace stove for WOOD or PELLET without electricity.

Durability and real classical design, processed with highest quality and peace with nature.
And all that in surprisingly pleasant prices. If you compare all a Max Blank High Quality product has to offer you will understand the above statement.

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Measure for incomparability

most durable materials.

Here about stoves’ stone casings

from selection of the stone and testing it to a finished noble fireplace.

Stone that is gained from nature and that millions of years ago in the form of a hot liquid bulk turned into lava or magma rock is again made noble in the form of an outside casing for a Max Blank stove in order to accumulate heat again.



Appropriate plates or pillars are cut out of stone blocks. Next, they are ground, hollowed, cut, polished and finished. Touch surfaces are finished manually.





That gives the durable stone a double function:
It accumulates energy and slowly distributes it over time on the whole surface of the stove or fireplace stove, emitting pleasurable heat to your living space. Additionally, through finely finished and easy to maintain touch surface, it works as a pure revelation. Fascinating. Lustworthy till the end of life.


After coming back home, close the door, ignite the fire and sit down.


…thanks to our system fireplace Belfort L »




Our team, through decades of belonging to the manufacture, has mastered the highest quality, every day, every week, and every year pursuing this goal.

Equipping the workplace in machinery is justified where 1/100mm accuracy counts or if working conditions, such as for example in welding, polishing or painting of particular stove parts , are onerous.

On most posts in the company, however, machines cannot substitute human hand and long-year experience. It is thanks to the specialists and professionals we are able to reach our quality.

Nevertheless, the passion and stove brand spirit created by Max Blank stoves and fireplaces mean much more. This spirit is constantly strengthened by people, masters of their profession, who, with passion and enthusiasm, work to create something unique.

In Max Blank High Quality stove manufacture, within the scope of fine and excellent manual work, our workers design all steel stove and fireplace parts, elements or complete combustion chambers.
As a next stage they are tested, constructed, produced and controlled. Only in such a way can we meet the highest quality expectations as well as serve our customers for decades and supply them in a trustworthy manner.

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Max Blank High Quality Manufacture!

Our goal:
Elegant and durable functionality.

All from one hand – even after many years our customers can order a spare part.

Otherwise it wouldn’t be possible to realize because who knows, after many years, which part came from which supplier?

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