Max Blank and our prices

They stem from the additional functions and quality and durability of our products.

Those additional functions of Max Blank products and their lasting value create their high quality – HIGH QUALITY. Max Blank stove and fireplace prices cannot be compared just like this! 35-year experience and infinite advantages of products resulting from that are incomparable. One of the proofs for that is for example 150 registered industrial designs and multiple patents which were registered om the German and European Patent Institute!.

Carved in stone…
… masterpieces of craftsmanship of fixed value…
… just like 100 years ago!

Much more valuable are the real advantages of additional functions, such as for example heating efficiency

which you can notice in fuel consumption, or additional value of a classic baking compartment, when you feel a real delight on the roof on your mouth and improvement in digestion. We could enumerate many more features that we can offer you.

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When you compare all that you will come to a conclusion you pay too little!

And here is our motto: “When quality, material and durability outvalue the price, then we can call it a “good bargain”! Except for those advantages, also the very technology of combustion is worth the attention – one load of wood allows to cherish romantic flames up to 6 hours and enjoy pleasurable accumulated heat up to 18 hours without the need to stand up to stoke up. All that, regardless of the fact if you heat your surroundings with our traditional fireplace or our stove or pellet stove ecologically and without electricity.

But that is not all.

The quality of the product is also set by the fact it is not prone to any malfunctions and thus it does not require calling up service. Only then one can claim the purchase decision was correct!

In Max Blank High Quality the service department is the smallest one because it is rarely ever needed. Only Max Blank specialized installers or professional dealers will inform you about multiple advantages of Max Blank products as well as their added values and features.

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