Max Blank Manufacture

Was established in 1980 / 1981 by Max Blank and Rosi Blank following the motto:

Environment and manufacture

in harmony with quality and durable production, with nice employment environment inside and a highly-motivated team of workers, creates Max Blank products in surprisingly pleasurable prices.

Since 2015 the family manufacture, managed by a Certified Engineer Thomas Blank and Rosi Blank and employing around 130 workers, was divided into two plants.

The Max Blank manufacture is adjusted to market needs:

The “Klaus” plant, a branch of the Frankish-Bavarian main seat in Westheim, is around 5000 m2 of construction area and the whole company is around 8000 m2 of construction area on a c.a. 40 0000 m2 plot of land. This plant secures meeting the growing requirements of the company in the future.

Here you can follow the development of the Max Blank High Quality manufacture over 35 years in total.

Here the designs are made, continuous trials and tests are taken, here steel part production takes place and stoves and non-standard combustion chambers are being assembled. Also a complete production in the field of ventilation grids takes place here.

In the field of sales in Germany and exporting to European countries as well as outside Europe we are:

always open and grateful for new ideas and good innovations and therefore we always keep our ears open to our customer. Always fully responsible for the closed circuit: for the Manufacture, employees, our partners and the environment.