Combi type stove for pellets and wood without electricity.

60 traditional models can be upgraded with additional original Max Blank pellet cassette.

Combi type fireplace for pellets and wood without electricity

Flames obtained from pellets may be as diverse and beautiful and romantic as the flames obtained from traditional wood logs!

Make use of additional High Quality products coming from Max Blank stove and fireplace manufacture:

10 year guarantee for steel elements of the combustion chamber should support the trust to the durability, longevity and eventually the trust to constant quality.

Free and independent – it does not require electricity so it is flexible:

Today with pellets tomorrow with wood

heating regardless of fuel kind.
Ecological baking compartment as in our grandmas’ times:
Without additional energy, without additional fuel,
and therefore without electricity costs – and it tastes so delicious!

Efficiently producing heat from combustion

and accumulating it so that you can keep this heat for the next 6 to 20 hours, depending on the model. And all that without the necessity of stoking up often.

Improve the climate in your room through heating

water cascade naturally absorbing dust gurgling over the fire. It also balances air humidity in the room.

Get you in a good mood through colours

Be it winter or summer you can enjoy good mood in the evenings and, at the same time, admire over 20 colour variants with the Nantes L Crystal Light ‘n’ Fire (LED).

For a good end

Because you decided to purchase a high quality product

and you have been acquainted with the system of functioning and maintenance of Max Blank stoves by a stove fitter or a dealer you will not ever have any problems with and will not have to worry about the service of a broker and the environment will thank you for that.

You are in good hands with the quality of Max Blank.

All steel parts, or full stove models are designed, tested and produced only by Max Blank employees.